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Pickling stainless steel with pickling technology from SIEDENTOP

We have specialised on the production of pickling technology in the form of pickling plants, water treatment systems and marketing pickle acids for stainless steel. Pickling systems from SIEDENTOP are used all over Europe in divers processing companies.

Automatic pickling in
Rotainer® pickling plants

The advantages of spray and bath pickling are united in the Rotainer® pickling plant As a result of the well thought out technology the automatic pickling in a Rotainer® pickling plant is a low-cost alternative to the conventional pickling technologies.

Before the pickling, the stainless steel can also be degreased in the Rotainer® pickling plant as well as the subsequent passivation. The variable jets permanently installed in the pickling chamber enable the pickling of the most varied work-pieces whose maximum size is only limited by the size of the Rotainer® pickling chamber. The operator of the pickling plant only has to place the work-pieces in the pickling chamber and, if necessary, adjust the variable jets, after this several process steps, such as degreasing, pickling and passivation can be performed one after the other. The operator only has to set the desired pickling programme and clean the stainless steel pickled parts, so there can be no contact with the pickling acid. The Rotainer® pickling systems can, among other methods, be loaded using a trolley on a rail system.

The advantages of the
Rotainer® pickling systems

Besides the contactless pickling, the Rotainer® pickling system offers advantages such as air washing in the pickling chamber so that no extraction system is needed. The pickling quality is the same as in bath pickling with a significantly lower consumption of pickling acid. Due to the low consumption only a small reservoir is needed for the pickling acid, consequently a permit in accordance with German emission laws (BImSchG) is not required. The low consumption of pickling acid leads to a reduction of neutralisation agent in the water treatment plant, whereby there is also less filter cake to be disposed of.

The standard pickling systems are constructed in container form and are available in lengths of six to twelve metres. The compact construction, an appropriate insulation and the possibility of heating the container, enable the use outdoors and the installation and assembly of the system without a great amount of building effort.

Individual pickling systems

We plan and manufacture pickling systems to your specifications. Hereby you can rely on the well proven pickling technology from SIEDENTOP. Furthermore, for every pickling system where waste water is generated, we offer the corresponding waste water treatment system. Contact us, we are sure we can realise your concept of the perfect pickling system.



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